Display posts in Elementor Pro with Elementor Custom Skin (Elementor Custom Loop)

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Customize your elementor post display with custom skin plugin. Elementor Custom Skin plugin allows you to customize the look and feel, arrangement of your post in elementor.

Default Element Pro Posts Widget Layout

Elementor Posts Widget you can display a list of any post types, including custom post types, in various layouts and ways. This practical widget can be used to display posts from a particular category or other taxonomy, recent posts, and more. The widget by default shows the featured image, the title, the excerpt and the metadata.

However, let’s say you want to place the title and the metadata of the post on top of the featured image – this is not part of elementor pro post widget configuration. Below is the screenshot of the default elementor pro post widget layout

custom-skin-elementor-plugin customize-elementor-post-display
After using custom skin plugin Default elementor pro posts widget

Customize elementor post display

Let’s create a custom posts layout with Elementor Custom skin plugin. First install and activate the plugin from your website dashboard. From the template menu click on theme builder, clicking on it will bring up the theme builder page and if elementor custom skin is installed, then you see a tab labelled tab.



Click on add new and name your template “Custom Post Widget” like so and click on create widget button and close the library modal window.

custom-post-template-pageAdd a one column section and drag Post Title, Post Info, Featured Image, and Post Excerpt from the Elementor element window presented.

elementor-tool-box-imageBear in mind that you need to have post excerpt in order to show post excerpt in the layout.

Click on publish and edit the page where you wish to display the post with elementor. In the content section on the elementor tool box choose custom skin and then select the custom post widget you created earlier. You can now configure the post column number etc. If you also think that you dont still like the design you can go back and modify the custom template until you think the design is fine for your use.



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